My burden was lifted as Hopeline
helped me realize the mother I could be.

I can do this

“When I realized I was pregnant, many things went through my mind. I can’t have a child, I’m not ready, I haven’t finished school and I just can’t do it. At my first ultrasound, I realized how real my little baby was. The ultrasound opened up my eyes to the reality that I had a person inside of me. It was then that my baby became a true reality.”


Even though I chose abortion

“Hopeline went through all my options with me. It was the only place I felt respected.”  


Help when I needed it the most

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I had heard that you could be helpful with my pregnancy. I tend to deal with my problems on my own – but I am glad I came. You’ve played a major role in my pregnancy and have been there for me when I have needed you. I love you for it. I really appreciate everything.” 


I choose adoption

“Adoption was the hardest choice I ever made. I am thankful that I had Hopeline with me through the whole process.”


A father's story

“About two years ago, my wife became pregnant.  We were already responsible for four children and she was feeling overwhelmed. Her decision was to abort the child. I told her that if she would have the baby, I would make sure to take care of her, and the baby. I was going to have to do more than just provide moral support so I made a commitment to be the primary caregiver. This child has been a big blessing to us and we love her very much. I would challenge expecting fathers to make a commitment to the unborn child. I took a stand for my child for my wife and for life.”



“When I first found out I was pregnant,  I was excited, but that excitement turned into fear. I was scared for both my baby and me since I was a young pregnant teenager. When I was introduced to Hopeline, I let out a big sigh of relief. My burden was lifted as Hopeline helped me to realize what a great mother I could become.”


I found safety

“What do you do when you are abused by the father of your baby, abandoned by your parents, and pregnant? Would you choose abortion? That’s what I thought going to Hopeline. It made a difference to have someone who listened to what I wanted.I told the counselor about the abuse I was living with.   Hopeline was able to help me move out of the area to a safe place and I am now closer to relatives. I feel safe now and thanks to Hopeline, I have a safe place to raise my daughter.”